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Nagashree Rachote

Academic Background

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, Botany and Chemistry from Government Degree College for Women, Osmania University, in 2021. Subsequently, I joined the integrated Ph.D. programme of IISER Tirupati, wherein interdisciplinary courses, such as Bioinformatics and Data Science , opened up new avenues, allowing me to explore diverse fields of research. One of the projects I worked on during my Master's degree dealt with understanding the impact of variation in protein sequences on function and their effects on cellular and physiological outcomes. This sparked my curiosity in exploring the field further and motivated me to pursue this as my research problem for Ph.D.

Research Interests

Amino acid homorepeats (HRs) consists of an repeats of identical amino acid (such as Polyglutamine). The preconceived notion that these are junk was contradicted during the early 1990’s, when abnormal increase in the length of HRs were implicated in several neurodegenerative and developmental disorders. Subsequent investigations probing physiological roles of HRs identified that HRs themselves participate in various molecular functions such as transcriptional regulation and subcellular localization. Similarly, on a systems-level our group has recently  shown that Essential Homorepeat containing proteins (E-HRPs) regulate larger part of the genome during key transitional switches of human brain development (Singh AK et al,  Cell Reports, 2023). Owing to their hypermutable nature, these are prone to exhibit length variability. While isolated studies link variation in HRs with different phenotypic outcomes, a comprehensive systems-wide understanding of the variability landscape of HRs in humans and their potential consequences is still lacking. Given that they are involved in brain development and lead to neurodegenerative and developmental disorders, we aim to investigate the impact of natural HR length variation on human brain development.


My Ph.D. studies involve understanding the extent and impact HR length variability in humans. I will undertake computational and experimental studies to map HR length variability landscape in humans and investigate the molecular implications of the HR length variation. With this, we will be identifying molecular players and variome landscape underlying developmental origins of brain health and disease.

PMRF assessments


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  1. Rachote N, Agrawal A, Chavali PL, Chavali S. RNA as Modulators of Infection Outcome: Potential Usage for Genomic Surveillance in Genomic Surveillance and Pandemic Preparedness, 2023 (Ed: Rajesh Pandey), Elsevier Academic Press.

Personal Information

Department of Biology

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Tirupati

Karakambadi Road, Tirupati- 517 507, Andhra Pradesh, India            

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